2017 Day 1: “Officially” Launched this Blog


So, I did one new thing every day of 2016. Many of them were along the lines of trying a new sandwich or listening to a new podcast, but I also did a few actually cool things. Among my favorites: doing the Coney Island Polar Bear Dip, running a half marathon, sleeping outside to raise money for homeless youth, taking a trapeze class, going to Kenya, and going vegan for Lent. Regardless of how minor some (many) of my new things were, the overall impact of purposely doing one new thing each day was positive, so I’m doing it again this year. I’m starting by sharing this blog with people to get over the fear of sharing my writing that I’ve developed over the past few years.

Here are a few other things on my list for 2017:

  • take a ballet class
  • join a CSA
  • go to the Whitney
  • start a new community service project
  • rock climbing
  • Airbnb a yurt
  • take a taxidermy class at the Museum of Morbid Anatomy
  • see a band at King’s Theatre
  • fencing
  • learn to snowboard
  • take The Class
  • go to Iceland Airwaves
  • ride the New York Wheel
  • take the Mount Washington Cog Railway
  • run a marathon
  • distill whiskey
  • go to the Noguchi Museum
  • take a service trip

I’ll be documenting my new things on Instagram under #yearofnew2017.

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