On trying to manifest something you’re not ready for

I’ve written before about how I basically used my own off-brand version of The Secret to manifest my last two serious, long-term relationships. This post went live four months before I started the nearly-three-year relationship that ended in April.

I’ve been trying to write the 2017 version of that post — what I’ve been calling “my most reliable form of sorcery” — since this summer, and I just can’t get there. Continue reading “On trying to manifest something you’re not ready for”

Travel guide: Copenhagen/Malmö

I went to Copenhagen for a few days in March, and it was one my favorite places I’ve visited. A couple of weeks ago, a friend reached out for recommendations in advance of her own trip there over the holidays, and I figured I’d turn the email I sent her into a blog post. As an added bonus, I spent one night in Malmö, Sweden — a quick jaunt across the water that would also make for a great day trip. Continue reading “Travel guide: Copenhagen/Malmö”

Operationalizing creativity

I walked into my local bar the other night and took out my laptop. The bartender, a friend of mine, came over a few minutes later and asked, “What life art are you currently working on?”

I explained that I’d set up an Asana workspace for my creative projects – two podcasts, two books, this blog, my ongoing Year of New project, and a social media strategy to support all of the above – and was about to crack it open to figure out what to work on next. Continue reading “Operationalizing creativity”

New Year’s Resolutions 2018

I make New Year’s Resolutions every year. I don’t achieve all of them, but I feel the act of setting the intention holds value itself — and that falling short of certain goals often reveals why they weren’t high priority. (Here’s a post I wrote last year on how to keep Resolutions, and reframing “failed” Resolutions as progress.)

I wrote my Resolutions super early this year. 2017 has probably been the most rapid period of personal growth in my entire life, and I’m hoping that 2018 blows it out of the water in terms of my creative productivity, work toward understanding myself and being a better person, and overall happiness.

Here’s what’s on tap for 2018: Continue reading “New Year’s Resolutions 2018”

On success, failure, and the intersection of the two

I woke up on the morning of April 9 with the thought, “I am never going to feel depressed again.”

I’d spent the first quarter of 2017 doing a lot of work on myself, much of it a survival mechanism forced by a professional situation I needed to get out of immediately. January was the fourth and final month of the most toxic job I’ve ever had, and to get through weeks of waiting to be fired, I needed to get a handle on what was going on with me internally. Continue reading “On success, failure, and the intersection of the two”