I wrote this to get it out of my head

I have a six-item list in my phone designed to help me live my life with intention. It is:

  1. Choose to see things with love, not fear
  2. Behave in a way that is authentic for me
  3. Detach from outcomes
  4. Stop arguing with reality
  5. Wait and see
  6. Pursuit = theft of the present moment

Sometimes, I’m really good at remembering all of the above. Other times, I completely depart from this way of thinking, sending my brain off the rails with questions and anxieties. That I’m writing this post at all should tell you that I’m currently in the latter situation. Continue reading “I wrote this to get it out of my head”

DIY creative retreat

A few weekends ago, I cleared my schedule and holed up in my apartment  for a DIY creative retreat. The main goal for this weekend was to catch up on the writing schedule for my novel, which meant writing 21 pages over the duration of the weekend. There were other things I wanted to get done — two blog posts, a visual rebrand for my blog and social media accounts, and an editorial calendar for my blog through the end of April — but all were secondary (and tertiary, etc.) to the main goal.

During the weekend, I reached my desired page count, wrote two blog posts, and made incremental progress on my other goals. Want to do something similar? Here are some tips. Continue reading “DIY creative retreat”

The ombré workday

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to get more out of my days. My work involves a spectrum of projects, some of which are very task-oriented, check-the-box type things and others of which require deep concentration and focus. It’s difficult for me to switch back and forth between deep and shallow work. When I do, I find myself trying to apply a task orientation to projects that require higher-level thinking, or overthinking the simpler items on my to-do list. Continue reading “The ombré workday”

Two months into 2018, how am I doing on my New Year’s Resolutions?

We’re now two months into 2018. Every two months, I’m going to check in on my progress on the goals I’ve set for the year. Here’s where things stand as of today: Continue reading “Two months into 2018, how am I doing on my New Year’s Resolutions?”

I don’t know the five people I want to be the average of

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn*

I’ve been thinking about the above quote a lot lately, because I’ve been thinking about where my time is going, who it’s going to, and how that is enabling or limiting my ability to reach my goals and continue becoming the person I want to be. Continue reading “I don’t know the five people I want to be the average of”

When I’m too tired to do something, I plan

The first week of 2018 has been, frankly, a bit draining. Here in New York, as in much of the U.S., we’re covered in snow. I managed to make it out the door for yoga this morning (for which I deserve a medal), but other than that I’ve been holed up in my draftier-than-preferred apartment, working from home on my chaise lounge under a pile of blankets. This is not hygge; hell, it’s not even hygge-adjacent.

Between the weather and my lack of interaction with other people in the past 10 hours, I’m in a bit of a creative slump. I don’t feel up to attacking anything that requires real inspiration or brainpower. But because the rest of the week has involved similarly frigid climes, along with playing catch-up post-holidays, I’m already way behind on my creative goals for 2018. My brain is too fried to make any real progress tonight, but there’s one thing I can do: plan.

Planning does two things: Continue reading “When I’m too tired to do something, I plan”