5 Valentine’s gifts for the urban lumberjack boyfriend I’m about to steal from you

Valentine’s Day is coming up in two days. I forgot to manifest a boyfriend, so I’ll be celebrating with a delicious vegan dinner at Modern Love with my friend Casey. But if you’re dating a man (or other person who’d like this stuff), and you forgot to buy a present, you’re in luck! My friend Ivy asked my thoughts on last-minute V Day gifts available from Amazon Prime. Here are 5 options that would be suitable for any of the men I’ve cared seriously for in the past decade: Continue reading “5 Valentine’s gifts for the urban lumberjack boyfriend I’m about to steal from you”

3 Annoying Ways I’ve Changed Since My Late Twenties


The New Year is a standard if cliched time for reflection, and I found myself thinking yesterday about how much I’ve changed over the past few years. Some of the changes I’ve made have been unquestionably positive — I get more sleep, I drink considerably less, and I’m more discerning about who’s allowed in my life — and some are both generally positive and really annoying. Here are three from the latter list: Continue reading “3 Annoying Ways I’ve Changed Since My Late Twenties”

Top 5 Business Christmas Movies

OK so this isn’t very businessy.

I know this holiday season has been a total bummer because it was only today — two days before Christmas — that I started watching holiday movies, something I typically look forward to all year. I’m not talking about films like A Miracle on 34th StreetHome Alone, or A Christmas Story. No, my holiday viewing is restricted to such masterpieces as 12 Dates of ChristmasSnowglobe, and the incomparable Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe.

My friend Nicole and I have two key things in common: we both have MBAs, and we love terrible TV movies. So it’s no surprise that we also share a deep affection for terrible TV movies with a business slant. In particular, holiday-themed terrible TV movies with a business slant, or what I call “Business Christmas” movies. I made this Venn diagram to help you understand:

Continue reading “Top 5 Business Christmas Movies”